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Cyber Lex is an Online Reputation Management services company that protects human rights on the Internet. The company consists of IT professionals, lawyers, researchers and developers of new solutions for Online Reputation Management, privacy and search results removal activities. The mission of Cyber Lex is to manage your Online Reputation by deleting informations and negative webpages from the search results. 

You can contact Cyber Lex if you have problems with the management of your online reputation and personal data, or informations that are related to it; if you want to delete information from the Internet; or if you want to remove inappropriate content from the web (photos, information, profiles, news). Cyber Lex will analyze your case and will offer you an action plan to solve your problem. Defending human rights on Internet it’s never easy, but with your help to gather the right information, we can work forward the fulfillment of your rights.

Knowing how to remove personal informations on Google Search can be useful on several occasions.  The network is considered one of the main sources of information, in particular for the possibility of finding info on practically all subjects and also for the simplicity of access to the information itself. The advice that can be given to everyone is to do a Google search every now and then for your name. This research could lead to the discovery of websites that have shared information about themselves, which could become unpleasant when the news is incorrect or when the information is harmful to their public image.

It may be necessary to remove your name from Google, to protect your privacy and also your public image. The information available on the internet is important, therefore a lot of attention should be paid to what can be found related to your name, especially if you carry out a professional activity in contact with the public, which could be influenced by what you read on the Internet. That’s why You should remove links to URLs containing your personal information from Google.

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